Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

Getting Back into Summer Running
Howdy. This is Dave and this post is the first in a series of personal journeys that some of us here at are undertaking. We post a lot of general advice about how to train for a half marathon, and we thought it would be helpful to provide... Read more
The Best Running Watches for Women
When buying running watches for women, the available choices are seemingly endless. New brands of running watches are introduced to the market rather frequently and it might be an uphill task to decide on the best running watch. Fortunately, most companies have stood the test of time with exceptional... Read more
Add Years of Soreness to Your Life
Some very funny running-related satire from the funny folks at the Onion. New Study Finds Running For 20 Minutes Each Day Could Add Years Of Soreness To Life EAST LANSING, MI—According to a study released Wednesday by doctors at Michigan State University, running for 20 minutes every day was... Read more
The Dos and Do Nots of Running Your First Marathon
One of our favorite comic sites on the Web, the Oatmeal, posted a hilarious comic about the do’s and do not’s of running your first marathon. How many of these can you relate to? The creator of the Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, is an avid runner and has written his... Read more
Training for Walking a Half Marathon
Even though most half marathons are for runners, increasingly more walkers are taking to the race course. Walking a 13.1 mile course will take a fit individual approximately 4 hours, which is a reasonable finish time for many half marathon races around the country. Even though walking may not... Read more
Training for a Half Marathon on a Treadmill
Many runners spend part of their half marathon training on treadmills for a variety of reasons. Training in the winter can often mean sub-zero temperatures and icy roads. Rather than risk frostbite or an injury from slipping on ice, many runners will choose to spend many of their winter... Read more
Training for a Half Marathon Diet
Running a half marathon is a big undertaking and is very taxing on your body. When training for a half marathon, following a plan and building your strength and endurance is extremely important. However, many people forget that other parts of their lifestyle, such as sleep and diet, is... Read more
7 Great GPS Watches for Running
Owning a running watch is the next best thing to having a personal coach. Runners’ watches that are GPS enabled go the extra mile by giving you the ability to track a number of vital statistics, including distance ran and pace. For outdoor runs, a GPS enabled watch is... Read more
Big Sur Half Marathon Guide
The Big Sur Half Marathon is an extremely popular race and the 9,000 entry spots sell out every year. The scenic race course of the Big Sur Half makes it one of the top destination half marathons and draws racers from all around the country as well as international... Read more
Top 5 Garmin Running Watches
Garmin watches are popular among sport enthusiasts for the many benefits they provide their wearers. Garmin watches are tailored to specific outdoor activities, such as running, skiing, swimming, cycling, and golf. Each watch has a variety of features that will help track and improve performance for that specific sport.... Read more