Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

Half Marathon Checklist

Half Marathon Checklist

Advice February 18, 2014 0

It happens every time, half marathon athletes train and fail to scoop the win just because they forgot to pack one or two of the most essential half marathon items. This is normally because on the day prior to the race, you are most likely to be anxious and... Read more
7 Small Half Marathons Worth Traveling To
With half marathons growing in popularity (there were more than 1.85 million finishers in the United States alone, according to Running USA), one of the biggest challenges facing runners is simply deciding which race to run. Choices have never been more abundant. Of course, you can browse our complete... Read more
5 Beautiful Half Marathon Courses You Need to Run
Half marathons, otherwise known as 21K runs, have been gaining popularity over the years for a good number of reasons. If you’ve been training for quite some time but still don’t have the confidence for a full marathon, joining the half marathon is an excellent way to get your... Read more
Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. Read more
Half Marathon Nutrition – What to Eat Before and During Your Run
One of the most overlooked aspects of half marathon training is nutrition. Running any long distance requires fuel for your body and you’ll get quality output when you have quality input. For anyone who would like some pointers on diet and nutrition for half marathon training, there are a... Read more
5 Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon
A half marathon tests your mental strength as much as it does your physical strength and each part of the marathon requires a specific mental approach. If you’ve raced a 5K or 10K before and you believe you’re ready to attempt a half marathon, you could use a few... Read more
Healthy Nutrition for Half Marathon Training
So you have a half marathon coming up in three months that you want to participate in and you do not have a clue as to what you should eat during training? No problem. In this article, we are going to show you what to eat to enable you... Read more
Half Marathon Recovery Guide
A half marathon race is something that you will put tremendous time and effort in to, when you are preparing for your race. If you have run them several times in the past, you know what it takes; for first time runners, who have put in several months of... Read more
11 Mistakes You Could Be Making in Your Half Marathon Training
Let’s face it: training to run 13.1 miles is no easy thing, especially if you have never covered this distance before. There are many different approaches to half marathon training and no clear “right” or “wrong” way to approach it. There are a lot of variables, but it’s also... Read more
2014 Half Marathon Calendar

2014 Half Marathon Calendar

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Looking for a half marathon near you? Browse through our 2014 Half Marathon Calendar for all the major half marathon races in the United States, organized by month and location. The calendar is current through June, 2014. You can scroll through the entire calendar below or use the following... Read more