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The Best Running Watches for Women
When buying running watches for women, the available choices are seemingly endless. New brands of running watches are introduced to the market rather frequently and it might be an uphill task to decide on the best running watch. Fortunately, most companies have stood the test of time with exceptional... Read more
Top 5 Garmin Running Watches
Garmin watches are popular among sport enthusiasts for the many benefits they provide their wearers. Garmin watches are tailored to specific outdoor activities, such as running, skiing, swimming, cycling, and golf. Each watch has a variety of features that will help track and improve performance for that specific sport.... Read more
Top 5 Timex Running Watches
Timex Corporation is a long-standing and established maker of quality time pieces, including sport watches. Timex hired top professional athletes to design a watch made for athletes. What resulted was the iconic Timex Ironman watch. The Ironman watch quickly became the best-selling sport watch in the 1990s and Timex... Read more
Best Running Watches with GPS
Many runners trying to improve their performance will wear a running watch during their runs.  Having a watch specifically designed for running provides many benefits, namely allowing runners the ability to check their performance during and after a run. One of the features most runners want in their watches... Read more