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12 Weeks to Your First Half Marathon – A Simple Training Plan
Congratulations! You’re already one step closer to finishing a half marathon and you probably haven’t even left your chair. Why am I so confident that you’ll be successful? Because you have it in you. Anyone can finish a half marathon. All you need is the right preparation and training. This... Read more
Training for a Half Marathon Diet
Running a half marathon is a big undertaking and is very taxing on your body. When training for a half marathon, following a plan and building your strength and endurance is extremely important. However, many people forget that other parts of their lifestyle, such as sleep and diet, is just... Read more
The 5 Largest Half Marathons in the United States
The half-marathon is now the most popular of all the road race distances in the United States. As Ryan Lamppa, a researcher for Running USA puts it, the half is, “less time-consuming as far as training,” but just as satisfying as completing a marathon. Since 2003, the half-marathon has been... Read more
Half Marathon Pace Chart
We’ve all been there before: in the midst of a race, with everything going on around you, it’s hard to pace yourself and make sure you’re running at the right speed. This is critically important for long races like the half marathon, where going out too quickly or too slowly... Read more
Do’s and Don’ts for Running a Half Marathon
People run the half marathon for different reasons, some of which include to see what it feels like to train for and run an enduring event, prepare for a full marathon, while some eventually want to run a marathon but want to try a shorter distance fast. Whatever your reason... Read more
From Couch to Course: Half Marathon Training Tips for Non-Runners
So you’re a couch potato and you’re looking to run your first half-marathon? No problem. Even if it seems intimidating now, training for a half marathon is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Follow these tips and your couch to half marathon training plan will be well underway. Get... Read more
5 Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon
A half marathon tests your mental strength as much as it does your physical strength and each part of the marathon requires a specific mental approach. If you’ve raced a 5K or 10K before and you believe you’re ready to attempt a half marathon, you could use a few tips... Read more
Healthy Nutrition for Half Marathon Training
So you have a half marathon coming up in three months that you want to participate in and you do not have a clue as to what you should eat during training? No problem. In this article, we are going to show you what to eat to enable you train... Read more
2014 Half Marathon Calendar

2014 Half Marathon Calendar

Races February 16, 2014 0

Looking for a half marathon near you? Browse through our 2014 Half Marathon Calendar for all the major half marathon races in the United States, organized by month and location. The calendar is current through June, 2014. You can scroll through the entire calendar below or use the following quick... Read more