Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

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From Couch to Course: Half Marathon Training Tips for Non-Runners
So you’re a couch potato and you’re looking to run your first half-marathon? No problem. Even if it seems intimidating now, training for a half marathon is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Follow these tips and your couch to half marathon training plan will be well underway. Get... Read more
Training for a Half Marathon on a Treadmill
Many runners spend part of their half marathon training on treadmills for a variety of reasons. Training in the winter can often mean sub-zero temperatures and icy roads. Rather than risk frostbite or an injury from slipping on ice, many runners will choose to spend many of their winter training... Read more
Half Marathon Nutrition – What to Eat Before and During Your Run
One of the most overlooked aspects of half marathon training is nutrition. Running any long distance requires fuel for your body and you’ll get quality output when you have quality input. For anyone who would like some pointers on diet and nutrition for half marathon training, there are a number... Read more
5 Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon
A half marathon tests your mental strength as much as it does your physical strength and each part of the marathon requires a specific mental approach. If you’ve raced a 5K or 10K before and you believe you’re ready to attempt a half marathon, you could use a few tips... Read more