Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

Top 5 Timex Running Watches
Timex Corporation is a long-standing and established maker of quality time pieces, including sport watches. Timex hired top professional athletes to design a watch made for athletes. What resulted was the iconic Timex Ironman watch. The Ironman watch quickly became the best-selling sport watch in the 1990s and Timex... Read more
Rock n Roll Half Marathon Series
It is common to hear non-runners say they don’t run because running isn’t fun. The organizers of the Rock n Roll Marathon Series would beg to differ, however. To them, running and having fun are not mutually exclusive and in fact, go hand in hand. That’s the philosophy behind... Read more
Brooklyn Half Marathon Guide
The Brooklyn Half Marathon is one race of a 5 borough race series that also includes The NYC Half, the Quuens 10K, the Bronx 10-miler, and the Staten Island Half. The 5 Borough Series is organized by the New York Road Runners and aims to showcase how all of... Read more
Half Marathon Training Plan for Beginners
Running a half marathon may be the perfect next goal. Running 13.1 miles is a distance that requires hard work and earns respect, but doesn’t wear you out like a marathon can.  Half marathon participation has been quickly rising over the years and more half marathons are taking place... Read more
Best Running Watches with GPS
Many runners trying to improve their performance will wear a running watch during their runs.  Having a watch specifically designed for running provides many benefits, namely allowing runners the ability to check their performance during and after a run. One of the features most runners want in their watches... Read more
The 5 Largest Half Marathons in the United States
The half-marathon is now the most popular of all the road race distances in the United States. As Ryan Lamppa, a researcher for Running USA puts it, the half is, “less time-consuming as far as training,” but just as satisfying as completing a marathon. Since 2003, the half-marathon has... Read more
Half Marathon Pace Chart
We’ve all been there before: in the midst of a race, with everything going on around you, it’s hard to pace yourself and make sure you’re running at the right speed. This is critically important for long races like the half marathon, where going out too quickly or too... Read more
Do’s and Don’ts for Running a Half Marathon
People run the half marathon for different reasons, some of which include to see what it feels like to train for and run an enduring event, prepare for a full marathon, while some eventually want to run a marathon but want to try a shorter distance fast. Whatever your... Read more
Trail Running for Half Marathoners
Over the past decade, half marathons have become the most popular distance for running races in the United States. As more and more runners take to the roads to train for a half marathon, other runners are choosing to turn to more rugged terrain. According to the Outdoor Foundation,... Read more
From Couch to Course: Half Marathon Training Tips for Non-Runners
So you’re a couch potato and you’re looking to run your first half-marathon? No problem. Even if it seems intimidating now, training for a half marathon is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Follow these tips and your couch to half marathon training plan will be well underway.... Read more