Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

The Dos and Do Nots of Running Your First Marathon
One of our favorite comic sites on the Web, the Oatmeal, posted a hilarious comic about the do’s and do not’s of running your first marathon. How many of these can you relate to? The creator of the Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, is an avid runner and has written his... Read more
Training for Walking a Half Marathon
Even though most half marathons are for runners, increasingly more walkers are taking to the race course. Walking a 13.1 mile course will take a fit individual approximately 4 hours, which is a reasonable finish time for many half marathon races around the country. Even though walking may not... Read more
Training for a Half Marathon on a Treadmill
Many runners spend part of their half marathon training on treadmills for a variety of reasons. Training in the winter can often mean sub-zero temperatures and icy roads. Rather than risk frostbite or an injury from slipping on ice, many runners will choose to spend many of their winter... Read more
Half Marathon Training Plan for Beginners
Running a half marathon may be the perfect next goal. Running 13.1 miles is a distance that requires hard work and earns respect, but doesn’t wear you out like a marathon can.  Half marathon participation has been quickly rising over the years and more half marathons are taking place... Read more
Trail Running for Half Marathoners
Over the past decade, half marathons have become the most popular distance for running races in the United States. As more and more runners take to the roads to train for a half marathon, other runners are choosing to turn to more rugged terrain. According to the Outdoor Foundation,... Read more
From Couch to Course: Half Marathon Training Tips for Non-Runners
So you’re a couch potato and you’re looking to run your first half-marathon? No problem. Even if it seems intimidating now, training for a half marathon is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Follow these tips and your couch to half marathon training plan will be well underway.... Read more
Half Marathon Speed Workouts
A half marathon is a physically and mentally demanding race that requires a great deal of training to build up speed and endurance. It is a commonly known fact that beginners of long races are not focused on speed but rather on completing the race. Therefore, it’s mostly about... Read more
5 Strength Training Exercises for Your Half Marathon
Everyone knows that during your half marathon training, you’ll be doing a lot of running. And if you’re doing any cross-training, you’ll probably be covering all the bases when it comes to cardio-vascular workouts. But one of the most overlooked aspects of training for long distance running is basic... Read more
10 Week Half Marathon Training – It’s Possible
For runners there is no greater challenge than preparing for a significant distance race, whether it is the classic 26.2 mile marathon, or its shorter cousin the 13 mile half marathon. Both are great achievements, and each is different in the preparation involved to complete successfully. There have been... Read more
Treadmill Training for a Half Marathon
Training to run a half marathon is a very exciting time. During your training you will not only be pushing yourself physically but you will also be pushing yourself mentally. Many people who train for the half marathon come out of it tougher than before they went into it.... Read more