Training for a Half Marathon

Learn how to get ready for your race.

Add Years of Soreness to Your Life
Some very funny running-related satire from the funny folks at the Onion. New Study Finds Running For 20 Minutes Each Day Could Add Years Of Soreness To Life EAST LANSING, MI—According to a study released Wednesday by doctors at Michigan State University, running for 20 minutes every day was... Read more
Do’s and Don’ts for Running a Half Marathon
People run the half marathon for different reasons, some of which include to see what it feels like to train for and run an enduring event, prepare for a full marathon, while some eventually want to run a marathon but want to try a shorter distance fast. Whatever your... Read more
7 Important Things to Know Before Running a Half Marathon
Half marathons and other marathons are important activities to take part in. However, they require a lot of involvement as well as information to enable those who are participating in them to attain the required level of success. They are related to training activities and the actual taking part... Read more
Half Marathon Injury Prevention
When training for a half marathon, it is critical that you practice injury prevention. Having good shoes, good running form and sufficient recovery time after workouts will definitely minimize the risk of injury. Many half marathon runners experience a number of injuries during training. It is important that you... Read more
Half Marathon Checklist

Half Marathon Checklist

Advice February 18, 2014 0

It happens every time, half marathon athletes train and fail to scoop the win just because they forgot to pack one or two of the most essential half marathon items. This is normally because on the day prior to the race, you are most likely to be anxious and... Read more